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Who We Are ?

Herbocare an ISO 14001 company, is the first organization proactively involved in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative, completely natural ingredient-based cleaning and sanitizing solutions in India. We are committed to our cause of restoring and maintaining the ecological balance of nature, seeking means to heal our wounded planet.

What We Do ?

Our innovative approach is focused on utilizing the most out of natural herbs and ingredients as a replacement to the known toxic ingredients of carcinogenic nature widely used in similar categories of products. We at all stages of innovating, manufacturing, usage, are in total conformity with Nature, a complete environment-friendly Womb to Tomb concept.

Why Choose Us

Our innovative approach is focused on utilizing the most out of natural herbs and ingredients as a replacement to the known toxic ingredients of carcinogenic nature widely used in similar categories of products. We at all stages of innovating, manufacturing, usage, are in total conformity with Nature, a complete environment-friendly Womb to Tomb concept.






Made in

Our Foundation

Inspired by the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda and motivated by clean, healthy living, Herbocare was born.

Years ago, Late Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma, laid a seed in the foundation of this company as his deep knowledge of herbs & plants made him utilize their benefits in day-to-day chores and provided the future inspiration for the creation of Herbocare.
Our founder, Mr. Tejveer Sharma with his dedication and supreme will to fulfill his father’s idea of a clean & healthy surrounding, decided to nurture those herbal ideas with a commitment to creating safer cleaning products that protect the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet.
Over the years, after consistent efforts and numerous field trials to resolve the stubborn cleaning challenges by Green Cleaning like hard water stains, oil stains from the oil industry, laundry challenges, junk stains, post-construction stains (Cement), engine cleaning without kerosene or diesel, stains & foul smell in toilets, vessel & utensil cleaning, paan & tobacco stains, Stains on metal like brass, steel, silver, etc from the following industries :

  • Dairy Farms Industry
  • Government Organizations
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Hotel Industry
  • Cinema Industry (PVRs)
  • Textile Industry
  • Spinning Mills
  • Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches & Spiritual Centers
  • Corporate Sector ( MNCs)
  • Automobile Industry ( Bus, Car, Bike)
  • Indian Railways & Delhi Metro
  • Swimming Pools
  • Boilers in Rice Mills
  • Footwear Industry
  • Filter Manufacturing Companies
  • Hair Oil Manufacturing Companies

We have been able to formulate products that support the well-being of the ecology and do not degrade in any way to the quality of air, soil, and water, meeting the Herbocare standard of life. Having acquired MSDS reporting and NABL lab test credentials across our entire product line, the company was formally launched in 2014 and has been recently rechristened as "Herbocare".
Today with the same vision and hard work that has been put in the foundation, Mr. Tejveer Sharma continues to play his part in contributing towards a chemical-free, healthy and greener future. Under his leadership, our commitment to combating chemicals and piloting ecological restoration grows stronger than ever.

Our green Mission and Vision

Populating Nature-based solutions for a cleaner, greener, healthier planet.

Herbocare products were nurtured out of love, concern, and the driving passion to remove chemicals from our homes, striving to reverse their negative balance on our planet.
Chemical innovation helped us rid our homes of threat posing germs and diseases, however, the cleaning pendulum has swung too far into the toxic sphere and the chemicals designed to keep our homes healthy are causing more harm to us and our natural environment.
Working continuously to eliminate the toxic, carcinogenic & corrosive chemical cleaners from our homes and environment, we arrived at a range of completely new plant-derived & mineral-based products, devoid of any acids or chemicals so inconspicuously present in all cleaning products available in the market. A variety of harmful products are thriving in the markets as cleaning solutions which are continuously and silently drenching the Earth with toxins generated through their usage in multifarious cleaning activities.
We endeavor to replace those with eco–friendly products which are not only highly efficient and cost-effective, but even the wastes generated from their usage are bio-degradable and harmless to Mother Earth. In so doing, we hope to repay a small portion of the limitless debt, which mankind owes to Mother Nature.
We believe that saving the planet starts with small acts. That every action, big or small, has the power to lead to a more sustainable world. That’s why we’re intentional in every step of our business, from where a product is sourced, to how it’s made, to where it ends up because we don’t just want to be neutral – we’re here to leave a positive impact on the planet we all call home.


Populating Nature-based solutions for a cleaner, greener, healthier planet.
  • Delhi Transport Corporation


    There was a major problem with cleaning buses with hard water in DTC at Mayapuri Depot. We replaced toxic chemical cleaners which were very hazardous for the janitors with natural, low foaming, easy to use & skin-friendly products. This pilot project was appreciated by the Depot Manager.

  • Common Wealth Games


    During the commonwealth games when athletes from different countries came to India We were selected against stiff competition for providing complete solutions for meeting a variety of hygiene and sanitation requirements during Common Wealth Games which were held in New Delhi.

  • Prince Charles Visited IMA


    When Prince Charles visited IMA Dehradun. We were invited to maintain the VIKRAM BATRA MESS and indoor & outdoor surroundings with our natural cleaning products. The results were appreciated by all.

  • Slaughter House Delhi


    We were invited by Allana slaughterhouse Gazipur for their major problem of foul smell, bloodstains, and fat deposition. We developed unique natural products and completed this project.

  • Commercial Dairy Delhi


    We were invited to a village named Beenpur Goyla Delhi for their major problem of flies and mosquitoes in their dairy. We developed a safe, natural plant-based product to repel these flies and mosquitoes without harming the cattle.

  • Relaxo Foot Wear Industry Bahadurgarh Plant


    We developed a unique and successful product for Relaxo to remove their major problem of sticky surface & foul smell with Natural Products.

  • Mifco Society


    The Company then achieved great success after getting its first working channel partner for unique and versatile products in Punjab in 2016. They introduced these products to different cooperative societies and farmers.

  • Verka Milk Plant


    In association with Mifco, we replaced traditional cleaning products like Tpol, detergent, caustic, and synthetic floor cleaner with specific natural Steel cleaners and Surface cleaners saving a huge amount of water during cleaning.

  • Replacement of IPA & Solvent in Filter Industry


    Herbocare has developed natural, skin-friendly, acid-free products for cleaning & washing of filters before painting for the automobile industry to replace IPA, a solvent that is hazardous for the employees.

  • Replacement of Caustic & Detergent in Laundry


    "Cloth is our second skin."
    We developed a unique product in the laundry segment which is free from caustic, soda ash, antibiotics BKC, Triclosan & bleach which are carcinogenic & allergic to our skin.

  • Maruti Suzuki Ltd


    Appreciated the Herbocare green drive and started using these Green Products.

  • Gail India Limited


    Another feather in our crown who started using these Green Cleaning Products.


If you don't recognize an ingredient, your body won't either.

Our products are completely based on the formulation of Ayurveda - a blend of fruits peel, carrier edible and essential oils, minerals, natural oils, plant-derived & food grade based ingredients.

Transparency is our way of life
We are proud of the ingredients we use and the products we make, all our labels clearly outline every ingredient within each Herbocare product - no exaggerations, no omissions.

Let Nature do the work
Our living ecosystem is miraculously full of regenerative processes and cycles. From photosynthesis to the carbon cycle, nature already knows how to clean. We harness this power by using plant-derived ingredients as our active cleaners.

Life Cycle: Infinity
We rigorously study the environmental impact of each ingredient and product. All our products are readily biodegradable and we never use ingredients that bioaccumulate. Our plant-powered cleaners are made from renewable resources.

Clean Green Chemistry
It's not rocket science, it's green science. Every ingredient in every product is carefully selected and optimized which means we never add unnecessary ingredients like dyes or artificial fragrances.


Over the past few years, there has been a push for greater transparency in ingredient labeling on household cleaning products.
Yet, many household cleaners using a plethora of toxic chemicals don't even list them on their labels, leaving you blind to the nasty chemicals you could be inviting into your home. We’ve made it our job to go above and beyond the minimum requirements and provide you with the knowledge you need to make safer healthier choices.

After a decade of research and testing, these are some of the products and ingredients we came across that you need to know about. We’re committed to never, ever using them, and we want to make it easy for you to make that commitment too.


Being a strong corrosive substance, bleach can affect the respiratory system if inhaled. Bleach can also irritate or burn the skin and eyes. Ingesting bleach can cause pulmonary edema or vomiting and coma.

Drain cleaners
These dangerous substances contain lye and other chemicals known to cause burns to the skin and eyes, and even blindness in severe cases. Swallowing a small amount of drain cleaner can severely affect the throat, stomach and may even cause death.

Carpet or upholstery cleanerss
Carpet cleaners contain naphthalene, which is known to cause cataract formation and liver damage over a long exposure. The perchloroethylene in carpet cleaners is carcinogenic, and it may cause dizziness, headaches, kidney dysfunction, neurological damage, and other problems from short-term exposure.

Ammonia produces fumes that can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. People suffering from asthma or heart or lung problems should avoid using ammonia. Mixing ammonia with chlorine products (such as bleach) produces an even more dangerous gas which is potentially fatal.

Air fresheners
Air fresheners are known to contain formaldehyde, a strong (possibly carcinogenic) substance that irritates the skin, eyes, or throat. They contain other dangerous chemicals which may cause nervous system damage or pulmonary edema in sensitive individuals.


The chemicals in many cleaners are common pollutants that contribute to smog, reduce the quality of drinking water, and are toxic to animals. The effect of cleaning products on the environment is wide-ranging.

Entering the Waterways
Nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia are dangerous water contaminants in large quantities. They have rinsed down drains and flushed down toilets as families clean the house. Most pollutants are removed from the water by the waste treatment facilities before the water is returned to the rivers, streams, lakes, and other waterways.

However, those three household cleaning chemicals are not removed by waste treatment processes. Instead, they enter the waterways and build up, causing an accelerated growth of some types of plant life, ultimately disrupting ecosystems.

Chemical Effects in the Water
Ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus are all fertilizers used in agriculture to help plants grow in controlled environments on farms. When those same chemicals enter a freshwater environment as residues of household cleaning, their levels are not controlled. The result is excessive nourishment of some types of plant life in habitats native to aquatic animals. This can lead to dense vegetation that clogs waterways, crowding out animal life and other marine plants.

At the end of these plants' chemical-accelerated life cycle, they die in large masses, decaying and depleting the oxygen in the water. Algae then grow, and the animals – freshwater shellfish, fish, and others – die off as well; the die-offs cause more decay. Soon, the water is no longer suitable for drinking, cooking, or bathing.

Air Contamination Hazards
VOCs can cause health hazards by concentrating inside the household air, and when windows are raised to ventilate while cleaning, the problem goes outdoors. According to the EPA, VOCs contribute to smog, and the pollution is so severe in some areas that legislation to ban or restrict the amount of VOCs in household cleaners became necessary.


Key Takeaways