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Fabricwash - 5L

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500 ML
5 L

Description of Fabricwash - 5L


All the industry standard detergents, boasting about how clean they get your clothes but not a single mention of what they do to the environment. This revolutionary product will get your clothes just as clean but without the use of the extremely harmful BenzaKlorium Chloride, Soda Ash, Bleach, Chlorine, TPOL, SLS, Triclosan, VOC compounds, and other heavy metals, so you need not worry about what this product is doing to you while washing your clothes or your environment. This product is non-acidic and due to its lack of all the harmful Soda Ash, Chlorine, and Bleach, you do not need a softener after washing the clothes. This is only possible due to innovative use of herbal ingredients. By the revolutionary low-foam technology this product will not only get the work done but save water while doing it.

Direction to use


For small or regular loads of clothes, use 75-100 ml of the product undiluted. For larger loads, use 100-150 ml of the product. For fresher clothes and a fresh, green environment, this is the product for you.


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