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Toilet Cleaner - 5L

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500 ML
5 L

Description of Toilet Cleaner - 5L


Can you imagine a toilet cleaner made entirely of herbal and other natural, bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-acidic ingredients? Well, that day is here. We now have a toilet cleaner to blow your minds. This product is made without the use of the extremely harmful BenzaKlorium Chloride, Triclosan, bleach, chlorine and other heavy metals, so you need not worry about what your cleaner is doing to you or your environment. This toilet cleaner is completely devoid of any acidic elements. Gone are those days when you wrap yourselves entirely in clothing to keep yourself safe from your acidic toilet cleaners. This is only possible due to innovative use of herbal ingredients. A toilet cleaning product which sanitizes your toilet while protecting you and the environment by not polluting the STP. So, if you would like to be a sensible and responsible member of the society, while keeping your toilet sparkling clean, this is the product for you.

Direction to use


Spread with the nozzle on the toilet sheet and scrub with the brush until you are satisfied with how clean it is, or until your arms are tired, then wash with clean water. Once you wash with clean water, be careful about how the beautiful, clean toilet might shock you.


Key Takeaways