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Room Freshener - 5L

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500 ML
5 L

Description of Room Freshener - 5L


A room freshener made entirely of herbal and other natural, bio-degradable, non-toxic ingredients without the use of the extremely harmful aerosols, IPA, solvents, VOC compounds and other heavy metals, so you need not worry about the side-effects of the room freshener on your health. This is only possible due to innovative use of herbal ingredients, that makes it both effective and protective of the user at the same time. For a safe and natural scent accenting the air in your house, this is the product for you without a doubt.

Direction to use


Spray directly onto curtains, footmats, carpets, or any other odour producing subject to neutralize the scent and make your home smell refreshing and welcoming without jeopardizing the health of the people taking in the scented air.


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